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We never store your document. It gets deleted as soon as it is viewed. You are requested to avoid uploading invalid format, corrupt or infected documents here.

Welcome to's free PowerPoint Viewer, your convenient solution for accessing and reading Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online without any hassle. With our intuitive platform and robust features, viewing PowerPoint files has never been easier. Our PowerPoint viewer makes it simple to preview your document anytime, anywhere. As a document viewer, it is perfect for professionals, students, or anyone needing to read PowerPoint documents. Whether you need a PowerPoint reader or a file viewer, our platform is the ultimate solution.

Our PowerPoint Viewer eliminates the need for additional software installations or downloads. Simply upload your PowerPoint presentation directly to our platform and start viewing instantly. Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone in need of accessing PowerPoint files, our online viewer is designed to meet your needs. This PowerPoint reader is an excellent document viewer that supports multiple file types. No need for a separate file reader when you can have everything in one place with our PowerPoint viewer.

You can navigate between document pages, zoom in and out, and navigate your Microsoft PowerPoint file with our Microsoft PowerPoint Opener. Enjoy seamless document viewing with our comprehensive PowerPoint viewer. Able to view your PowerPoint files with ease, our platform offers an unparalleled document viewing experience. The file viewer is designed to handle all your document needs, making it easy to preview your document without any hassle. Experience the best PowerPoint reader and document viewer on today!

View online PowerPoint files for free!

With you can view PPT, PPTX, and PowerPoint files.

Seamless Navigation

Effortlessly navigate between slides and sections of your PowerPoint presentation with intuitive controls.

Zoom Functionality

Dive into the details of your presentation by zooming in and out with ease.

Comprehensive Support

View your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with full support for all PowerPoint file formats.

No Installation Required

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your PowerPoint files without the need for downloads or software installations.

Free Viewer

Enjoy seamless access to our document viewer completely free of charge. No hidden fees or subscriptions required – just open, view, and manage your documents hassle-free.

No Software Needed

Say goodbye to cumbersome downloads and installations. Our online document viewer operates directly in your browser, eliminating the need for any additional software. Simply upload your files and start viewing instantly.

Cross-Device Compatibility

Seamlessly access our document viewer from any device, whether it's your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Our platform is designed to adapt to your device's screen size and resolution, ensuring a smooth viewing experience no matter where you are or what device you're using. Whether you're on the go or at your desk, access your documents with ease wherever you are.

Privacy Assurance

Your privacy matters to us. We do not store any personal data when you use our document viewer. Rest assured, your documents remain confidential and secure throughout your viewing experience.

Secure SSL Connection

Your safety is paramount. Our platform utilizes SSL encryption to establish a secure connection between your device and our servers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is protected from unauthorized access or interception.

Frequently asked questions

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Is it safe to view my PowerPoint document online?

Of course! Your PowerPoint file is uploaded securely through an SSL connection, stored with the use of AES-256 encryption and viewing with high security high security cloud standards.

Does Doconut store uploaded PowerPoint files?

It's important to note that we do not store uploaded PowerPoint files after processing. It gets deleted as soon as it is viewed. You are requested to avoid uploading invalid format, corrupt or infected documents here.

Are there any limits to using to view PowerPoint files?

You can upload only one PowerPoint file online at a time with this free tool and it should not exceed the maximum file size of 25MB.

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